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About Stacey Hentschel

Stacey J. Hentschel, founder of Quantum Integrations, is a speaker, advisor, coach and organizational consultant. Over the last twenty years she has trained thousands of people in the areas of organizational development, team building, strategic planning, leadership, management, marketing, and communication, impacting the future of business. Ms. Hentschel merges the concept of quantum theories with business management, causing profound alterations in corporations and organizations. She empowers corporations to live and thrive from their vision in a manner that produces unprecedented results in the areas of innovation and productivity.

Working nationally with CEO's, business leaders, upper and middle management, she guides organizations to new levels of standards and principles. Ms. Hentschel has worked with over 400 businesses from start-ups to fortune 500 companies, including American Express, Remedy, Prudential, Allstate, Sun Microsystems, Inhale Therapeutic Systems and Lockheed. She has worked with businesses in the areas of finance, information systems & technology, multimedia, environment, health, fitness, entertainment, science, real estate, retail, law, politics, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, public relations, and marketing & advertising.

Regarded in her field as a visionary thinker, she integrates revolutionary aspects of science with business. Ms. Hentschel applies concepts of synergy, quantum theories and systems thinking in business. The distinctions and disciplines that arise out of these business concepts generate profound shifts in perception, thinking and results.

Ms. Hentschel engages and inspires her audience, speaking on a wide variety of topics, including: Innovative Thinking, Creativity, Unification-Based Management, Learning Organizations, Quantum and Systems Theory Applications for Business, Creating and Implementing a Powerful Vision For Your Business, Building Powerful Organization Tools and The Future of Business in the 21st Century.

As an executive, Ms. Hentschel has been acknowledged for outstanding results in the areas of sales, marketing, management and leadership. In addition to designing effective training programs, she has applied innovative thinking to the development of manuals, systems and procedures that have resulted in substantial increases in productivity and profitability for her clients.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing from California Polytechnic University, Ms. Hentschel was acknowledged as the top marketing student of the year and was the recipient of the Most Outstanding Woman in America Award.

Ms. Hentschel embraces the framework of organizational development disciplines first developed at MIT in 1991 that have become the foundation for Learning Organizations. These disciplines emphasize optimal team interaction, encouraging openness and truth, stimulating maximum enthusiasm, efficiency and creativity within a corporate culture. Examples of the diversity of companies that have experienced superb results include: Ford, Harley Davidson, Federal Express, British Petroleum, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Chrysler, General Electric, Shell Oil, the United States Army, Xerox and Toyota.

Ms. Hentschel is committed to the future of businesses economically, socially and environmentally. She is known as an inspirational and intentional leader, who is committed to businesses producing lasting results that positively impact our world.

What people are saying about Quantum Integrations:

"My results went up approximately 20% in a multi-million dollar enterprise. She has a distinguished, and in fact remarkable, track record for having the people she works with produce outstanding results."
Frank Gaughen, District Sales Manager, Kyocera America, Inc.

"As a result of Stacey's work, I have consistently seen increased sales results as well as improved personal success. Office productivity is twice the regional and national average, risk management, productivity is 70% ahead of national averages, our first year planners are 190% of goals versus national results of 130%. Client satisfaction scores have increased much higher than the nation. We have initiated a focus on innovation that is influencing senior leaders as well as our local culture."
Ed Kelly, Field Vice President, American Express Advisors

"...if you are looking for someone who is personally productive, able to build extremely effective well coached teams, is able to manage large projects simultaneously and has an extraordinary ability to get things done through others, then you should hire Stacey Hentschel."
Fred Dewey, Manager of Desktop and OS Testing, Sun Microsystems

"Stacey has the ability to work powerfully with team dynamics and has applicable information to achieve immediate and strategic results. Her commitment helped our organization achieve new sales performance highs. The results included closing a $1.8 million deal."
Mitch Ross, National Sales Manager, Magic Software

"Stacey has an amazing and unusual ability of combining creative and progressive thought into down to earth, common sense practice that fits into daily activities with minimal effort. I believe that when you work with Stacey Hentschel you get a powerful, driving force on your side. Your business will grow, evolve and refine itself from the inside out such that all areas will be in support of your company's vision with all areas committed to excellence."
Stella Lorvan Putallaz, Stellar Performance

"Stacey is eloquent in front of groups of people and is able to motivate people to produce results both personally and professionally. These results are beyond what people would predict."
Allan Hyman, Executive Vice President, Fremont Bank

"She has made an impact to literally thousands of people in their work... out of her training and development skills, people have excelled and the results they have produced are far beyond what they thought they could possibly do. Through her coaching...I increased my department's effectiveness and productivity by 75% in less than six months."
Jeffrey M. Gold, ARIX Computer Corporation, Inc.

"By doing strategic planning with Stacey and getting in touch with the value I provide to my clients, my business has grown beyond my wildest expectations. My business has increased each year that I have worked with Stacey. Today my business is 234% greater than it was before we started working together in 1998."
Don Ferrell, Allstate Mortgage

"Quantum Integrations provides sophisticated and meaningful programs, leaving the audience with renewed energy and commitment to the task at hand. I have made them a regular part of my ongoing training program."
Dave Cropper, Regional Manager, Remedy Corporation

"Stacey has been an excellent mentor. I am a hundred percent more effective in my job as a manager of a software engineering group for Lockheed as a result of working with her. Stacey displays excellent leadership, clear insight and a powerful ability to set and attain goals and an extraordinary ability to listen to and understand others."
Keith Sherlind, Software Engineer Lockheed Corporation

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