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Quantum Integrations

Coaching and Consulting for CEOs and Executives and Teams
Quantum Integrations create a structure for you to clarify your visions, goals and plans, and support you to formulate and express the intent and action necessary to accomplish your real aspirations.

We support you in developing greater awareness, leadership, team building and communication qualities.

We facilitate you in formulating new skills aimed at gaining greater strength, confidence, focus, organization and action.

Our work facilitates awareness, which is a necessary element of discovery and growth. Awareness, in turn, increases understanding, communication and clarity, generating innovative ideas and helps focus intention. This work causes greater productivity and profitability for you and your organization.

This Organizational Coaching provides leaders with the tools necessary to produce sound results in work and life.

Creativity and Innovation

  • Cause Increased Performance, Inspire Creativity and Innovative Ideas
  • Alter the Future and Expand the Success of the Organization
Time and Organization
  • Generate Time Management Structures that Increase Clarity, Action and Productivity
  • Increase Capacity to Organize, Set Priorities and Follow Through
Solving Critical Issues
  • Create Powerful Solutions to Problems
  • Resolve Blocks and Issues
  • Enhance Intelligence and Decision-Making Ability
  • Speak and Listen Powerfully and Ask Critical Questions
  • Develop Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills
Personal Development and Productivity
  • Access Greater Confidence, Strength, Awareness and Insight
  • Create Clear Vision, Direction and Strategic Planning
Marketing and Sales
  • Effectively Market and Promote Your Products and Services
Team Building
  • Generate Fulfilled, Inspired, Co-Creative, Action-Oriented People
  • Increase Ability to Understand and Get Along with Associates and Clients
  • Enhance Awareness and Authenticity Among Teams; Resulting in Increased Cooperation, Synergy and Innovation.
  • Initiate and Manage from Your Vision, Values and Strategies
  • Know Peoplešs Strengths, Challenges, and Skills; and Empower Them to Utilize these Talents

The results are an increase in revenue and productivity, ranging from 10% to 300% and beyond.
"As a result of Stacey's work, I have consistently seen increased sales results as well as improved personal success. Office productivity is twice the regional and national average, risk management, productivity is 70% ahead of national averages, our first year planners are 190% of goals versus national results of 130%. Client satisfaction scores have increased much higher than the nation. We have initiated a focus on innovation that is influencing senior leaders as well as our local culture."
Ed Kelly, Field Vice President, American Express Advisors

"My results went up approximately 20% in a multi-million dollar enterprise. She has a distinguished, and in fact remarkable, track record for having the people she works with produce outstanding results."
Frank Gaughen, District Sales Manager, Kyocera America, Inc.

"Stacey has the ability to work powerfully with team dynamics and has applicable information to achieve immediate and strategic results. Her commitment helped our organization achieve new sales performance highs. The results included closing a $1.8 million deal."
Mitch Ross, National Sales Manager, Magic Software

"Stacey has an amazing and unusual ability of combining creative and progressive thought into down to earth, common sense practice that fits into daily activities with minimal effort. I believe that when you work with Stacey Hentschel you get a powerful, driving force on your side. Your business will grow, evolve and refine itself from the inside out such that all areas will be in support of your company's vision with all areas committed to excellence".
Stella Lorvan Putallaz, Stellar Performance

The coaching and consulting is empowering and rewarding and will alter your life.

Call us for a complimentary consultation to explore how coaching can benefit you and your organization.