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Quantum Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Please describe Quantum Integration in three words.

In the word "Quantum" we are referring to it as: an evolutionary leap from one state of awareness to a higher more evolved state. This Quantum framework creates a phenomenon that causes a rapid shift in the internal state of an organization based on changes in energy and environment. As this catalytic force occurs in business there is a natural growth and development process that takes place. In stimulating this culture, knowledge and innovation increase, and the work environment becomes an exciting place where people want to be their best and grow. We do this by creating a shared vision of discovery and learning, which generates inventive ideas, products and procedures that have previously been thought unthinkable.

In the word "integration" we are referring to it as: the components of a system collaborating together and becoming a unified whole. Without the integrative alignment, the system cannot fully relate, affect and influence the whole. (Organizations are like ecosystems where all parts of an organization are interrelating, changing and thereby affecting and influencing the whole).

Integration and aligned vision, values and goals, creates a critical piece to the workings of an organization. If this is not taken into account, it will cause a destructive process where the individual parts will battle or disassociate. Just like any system that is not in harmony with its component parts. Thus creativity, productivity and progress will be stifled or die:

versus in this integrated and align organization the system expands and thrives, creating greater productivity and evolution.

In the word "implementation" we are referring to it as: applying and putting into action systematic procedures based on principles, practices and systems that have been developed. These systematic procedures break down the work into process-specific areas, review the effectiveness and look for ways to improve them. As we implement these systems, we merge quantum theory with integrative principles creating a highly innovative business on the leading edge of business technology.

What would you do with two companies that are planning a merger?

One of the biggest challenges facing merging companies is the retention of employees during a time of often-turbulent change. We would look at the two companies; see what possible obstacles a merger may create and where there might be a lack of clarity and certainty. Without certainty, employees tend to get cynical and confusion is created. This can often lead to resignations.

We make sure that there are systems and structures in place that facilitate communication. Companies need to get really clear as to what issues might come up in a merger; as well as what their objectives, intentions and goals are for the process of completing the merger. We use assessment tools to find both organizational and individual strengths and weaknesses to match job skills and interests with work positions. We also survey what employees want and give them a chance to express their vision and concerns with change.

Often mergers mirror these three stages:

a. Dissolution:

This is personified by a disintegration of the system and a reaction of fear, sadness, loss and denial on the part of employees. When one form of an organization ends, there can be feelings among employees where there is a loss prestige, status and security. Without outlets to express their feelings, these feelings might be internalized and cause upset later on. When it's dealt with openly, denial turns into the ability to acknowledge what you experience and prepares the organization for the next stage.

b. Renewal:

This stage shows an acceptance of the dissolution and coming renewal phase where employees own the change and take action. It is a time of growth and discovery where thoughts may turn inward to deal with the fear, sadness and loss associated with change. It's also a time for them to develop what is next. It is marked by greater communication and the beginning stages of developing a plan for the future.

c. Development:

With acceptance of the new work environment, Quantum Integrations then assists companies that are merging in creating work teams to assist with issues related to creating a new company. This may include any reorganization of departments and processes, placement of employees within the new structure and assistance with employees that may choose to leave the new company.

21st Century business concepts are based on Principles of a Quantum Organization. What are the principles of a Quantum Organization?

21st Century business Concepts are based on "Quantum Principles", Principles of a Quantum Organization. These principles integrate innovative business concepts of learning and discovery and the key principles and structures of physics and biology.

These principles emphasize the practices of shared vision, innovative learning, collaborative dialogue, performance team building, personal awareness and excellence and systems dynamics.

When these Principles are applied, collaborative strategies are generated sustainability and regeneration take place. People work from a win-win strategy as creative synergy is built.

Quantum Principles:

Working from the key principles and structures of science that form the blueprint for optimal results. Organizations that apply quantum principles thrive over time and live as a vibrant ecosystem sensitive to change.

Shared Vision:

The organization operating from a larger contribution and an inspirational intent. It is the process of connecting the individual's values, skills, and goals to the corporate vision, evoking commitment and higher performance.

Learning and Discovery:

Exploring and being open to diverse ideas and perspectives. The process of generating innovative products and creating solutions to complex issues is what we would explore. Asking critical questions is a key component of the learning and discovery process. We ask how the actions one takes today affects us seven generations from now. Also, how our actions affect the bottom line, growth and expansion of the organization.

Collaborative Dialogue:

The process of communicating from an objective and compassionate perspective. This entails 3 aspects: Advocacy (speaking from your perspective), Inquiry (asking exploratory questions to understand the perspective of others), and Reflection (examining ones internal thoughts, feelings and perceptions). These tools can transform an environment of defensiveness, resistance and blame into one of trust, self-expression and attentive listening.

Performance Team Building:

Team members working together from alignment, creativity and accountability. This synergistic process is based on shared vision, collaborative dialogue and strategic planning. It includes the natural and spontaneous desire people have to feel connected and in partnership with colleagues, to contribute, and produce exceptional results.


Being guided by a vision. Leading from a clear and effective vision and strategy, links an organization to its natural partners in the broader community. Leaders inspire and empower individuals and groups to be more creative, talented, open and progressive.


The ability to know one's talents, skills, challenges and capabilities. It also has to do with being present and centered, and knowing one's external and internal states of emotions, senses and thoughts. When one is aware their natural intelligence increase and their decisions and actions align up with their vision - versus their ego reactions.

Personal Excellence:

A dedication to vision, creativity, self-generation, focus, organization, risk taking and learning. Focusing on these areas achieves the results one is most passionate about. Personal passion is one of the most powerful forces in an organization. When it is encouraged, an organization can transform itself.

Systems Thinking:

Operating from the whole system, creating and causing long-term solutions. System thinking includes the application of non-linear thinking to improve an organization's understanding of current reality. This creates innovative strategic plans and sustainable systems.

Global Awareness:

Creating technologies and systems that revitalize and regenerate the earth to ensure the existence of our planet for generations to come. Working to ensure the welfare, equality and respect of all people.

System Dynamics:

A model for self-organizing, adaptive, thriving systems operating from the principles of physics and biology. We work with inherent laws and patterns by which these organizational systems function. Each organization is a total system, which is dynamic, constantly changing, and either growing or dying. Understanding these principles is critical to the viability of any organization. By working with this model, we develop the best organizational systems that generate maximum productivity.

The Future of Today's Business

The old paradigm is where one generates out of survival. Where someone thinks about what will make money, and then attempted to invent something to facilitate that intention. This paradigm has no life or energy because it is not generated from true creation. As a model for doing business, this paradigm is inauthentic and lifeless. In this new paradigm, one generates out of creativity: where we explore our talents and strengths and what's important to us. We then design products and services within this framework. As we discover these inspired ideas:

they energize us to create business processes that are innovative and successful. In this paradigm, we generate a self-organizing, adaptive, sustainable system that is exciting, productive and profitable. Most businesses are in survival and working from a mechanistic model versus an alive, innovative model. It is difficult for these businesses to change their ways as there is so much invested in the hierarchical structure in regards to power, control and money. It becomes difficult to move into a structure that is based in alignment, collaboration and true creativity. If businesses are strong enough to shift, here are some techniques and tools it can use to make that transition.

  • Evaluating the business environment: look at what's so and the critical issues facing the business. Define and acknowledge them.
  • Assessments of individual and group challenges and core competencies: explore what is and isn't effective. This has us understand the current status of the individual and organizational culture.
  • Educating and creating new processes and structures from the foundation of biology and physics: self-organizing, adaptive, sustainable systems.
  • Redesign the culture, vision, values and belief systems of the business.
  • Create systems and structures for continued innovation, improvement and sustainability.
  • Design innovative products and services that express what we have learned in the process.
What services and training does Quantum Integrations provide?

We provide organizational and leadership development.... We offer leading edge consulting, training and facilitation.... We facilitate high performance executive coaching for CEOs, senior executives, and managers--as well as innovative entrepreneurial coaching for individual business owners.... Powerful speaking presentations for meetings, off-site conferences and conventions. We provide work in the areas of vision, principles and best practices, which sustain a successful business environment.

We work in the areas of learning and discovery, leadership, team building, awareness - operating in the Zone, creativity, productivity, personal excellence, sales and marketing, collaborative communication, resolving conflicts, critical problem solving, decision making, creating shared vision and values, catalyzing powerful corporate cultures, strategic planning and innovative thinking.

What do our clients experience?

Our clients gain an aptitude to collaboratively communicate and create high-performance teams. They experience greater leadership skills, innate intelligence and personal excellence in their work in life. By understanding the whole system, they can plan organize and reengineer an effective and productive work process.

  • Organizational success
  • Increased sales and profitability
  • Optimal efficiency and productivity
  • Stronger leadership, ownership and accountability
  • Increased team building and innovation
  • Accurate and effective decision-making
  • Resolution of complex issues
  • Expanded ability to think and reason
  • Better utilization of time
  • Greater fulfillment, energy, and personal satisfaction
  • Increased learning, knowledge and systems thinking
  • Greater clarity, intention, and focus
Who are the businesses you serve?

We serve progressive businesses committed to their employees, the environment and to positively impacting the world. They value learning, growth, innovation, high quality, productivity, profitability, sustainability and equality. They operate from alignment, vision, values, key practices and a strategic plan. They access individual, as well as team creativity and potential, to promote leadership, team building, collaborative communication, learning and innovation. They are the "cultural creatives" and tend to be from the information technology, financial, environmental, advertising, marketing, entertainment, retail, manufacturing, and health fields.

Some businesses we have work with are American Express, Sun Microsystems, Remedy, Magic Software, Prudential, Allstate Mortgage, and Lockheed.

What makes Quantum Integrations unique?

Operating from the principles of physics and biology, we work with the dynamics by which effective organizational systems function. These principles and structures of science form the blueprint for optimal results. They create sustainable and synergistic business environments where all component parts are working together as one living system.

We facilitate exploration and openness to diverse ideas and perspectives. We also emphasize personal excellence, the ability to be self-aware and centered, authentic, clear and confident. Knowing one's vision, values and direction, strengths and talents is a key to being highly productive. We work from vision, collaborative communication, and leadership in developing a strong individual and organizational culture.

What is the intent and philosophy of Quantum Integrations?

The intent of Quantum Integrations is to operate from the principles and structures of science forming the blueprint for optimal results. Thus creating sustainable and synergistic business environments where all component parts are working together as one living system. Then a natural increase in corporation's profitability will take place by fully implementing quantum principles, enhancing and developing the organizational and leadership skills of middle and upper management personnel, including majority stakeholders, thereby enriching corporate culture.

Our philosophy, teaching and leadership style is based on Quantum principles, cutting-edge, 21st Century business concepts and years of practical experience. It leads your key personnel to their highest capacity through an increased understanding of the power of vision and the development of superb communications skills.

It is indisputable that the environment surrounding the business community is rapidly changing and will likely continue to evolve at an accelerated pace. Business is increasingly competitive. The speed of communication and the ease of accessing information demand exceptional performance by those who make and implement decisions.

Quantum Integrations builds upon a foundation of acknowledging current reality, utilizing techniques that are both disciplined and compassionate. We challenge corporate leaders to embrace team dynamics, focus on individual strengths and talents, and provide an environment to share perspectives, in order to sustain a seamless organization that accomplishes and exceeds corporate goals.

Increased growth and profit occur through the introduction of system dynamics and new perspectives that enhance cooperation, efficiency and communication. Participation in the Quantum Integrations Consulting Program resolves short-term issues, strengthens current operations, targets present goals, and focuses on long-term planning to build your future, creating a sustainable and regenerative organization.