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Quantum Integrations

Quantum Integrations is a business consulting firm specializing in system dynamics, organizational development and leadership training and facilitation. Our work integrates and aligns quantum principles with the day-to-day operations of your business.

For more than 20 years, the founder of Quantum Integrations has worked with over 400 organizations and trained thousands of people...

Building vision, alignment and synergy.
Expanding learning, creativity and growth.
Facilitating action, implementation and integration.
Creating collaborative, effective and profitable corporate environments.

What We Provide:

  • Organizational and leadership development
  • Leading edge consulting, training and facilitation
  • High performance executive coaching for CEO's, senior executives, and manangers
  • Entrepreneurial coaching for individual business owners
  • Personal development and relationship coaching
  • Powerful speaking presentations and keynotes for meetings, conferences and conventions.

The Dynamic Structure of Successful Organizations:

We base our work on key principles that underlie cutting-edge theories in quantum physics and biology. All living systems including organizations operate consistently with the findings of these sciences.

Just like any living organism, every organization is a whole system that is constantly interacting and changing and either growing or dying. Understanding this dynamic nature of organizations is critical to the viability of any business.

Our Framework:

The model below illustrates how we work with your organization as a whole system. In the center of the triangle are key elements to an organization's creativity, growth, and long-term success. In the outer portion of the triangle are the services and programs we provide. The structural integration creates a foundation for a successful organization.

What You'll Experience:

Training and facilitation based on vision, principles, and best practices that build and sustain a successful business environment.

Our clients gain an aptitude to communicate collaboratively and create high performance teams. They experience greater leadership skills, innate intelligence, and personal excellence in work and life. By understanding the whole system, they can co-create, plan, organize and an effective and productive work process.

  • Sales growth and profitability
  • Stronger leadership and accountability
  • Aligned teambuilding and partnerships
  • Better utilization of time and organization
  • Increased knowledge and innovation
  • Expanded employee participation, morale, and productivity
  • Enhanced fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Effective planning, action and implementation
  • Resolution of complex issues

Are you committed to impactful results?

Quantum Integrations can provide the platform for your organization's vision and goals to be realized.

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