21st Century Business Concepts

21st Century business Concepts are based on Quantum Principles, which integrate innovative business concepts of learning and discovery and the key principles and structures of physics and biology.

These principles emphasize the practices of shared vision, innovative learning, collaborative dialogue, performance team building, personal awareness and excellence and systems dynamics.

When these Principles are applied, collaborative strategies are generated; sustainability and regeneration take place. People work from a win-win strategy as creative synergy is built.

Quantum Principles - working from the key principles and structures of science that form the blueprint for optimal results. Organizations that apply quantum principles thrive over time and live as a vibrant ecosystem sensitive to change.

Shared Vision - the organization operating from a larger contribution and an inspirational intent. It is the process of connecting the individualšs values, skills, and goals to the corporate vision, evoking commitment and higher performance.

Collaborative Dialogue - the process of communicating from an objective and compassionate perspective. This entails 3 aspects: Advocacy (speaking from your perspective), Inquiry (asking exploratory questions to understand the perspective of others), and Reflection (examining ones internal thoughts, feelings and perceptions). These tools can transform an environment of defensiveness, resistance and blame into one of trust, self-expression and attentive listening.

Learning and Discovery - exploring and being open to diverse ideas and perspectives. The process of generating innovative products and creating solutions to complex issues is what we would explore. Asking critical questions is a key component of the learning and discovery process. We ask how the actions one takes today affect us seven generations from now. Also, how our actions effect the bottom line, growth and expansion of the organization.

Performance Team Building - team members working together from alignment, creativity and accountability. This synergistic process is based on shared vision, collaborative dialogue and strategic planning. It includes the natural and spontaneous desire people have to feel connected and in partnership with colleagues, to contribute, and produce exceptional results.

Leadership - being guided by a vision. Leading from a clear and effective vision and strategy, links an organization to its natural partners in the broader community. Leaders inspire and empower individuals and groups to be more creative, talented, open and progressive.

Self-Awareness - the ability to know onešs talents, skills, challenges and capabilities. It also has to do with being present and centered, and knowing onešs external and internal states of emotions, senses and thoughts. When one is aware their natural intelligence increases and their decisions and actions align with their vision - versus their ego reactions.

Personal Excellence - a dedication to vision, creativity, self-generation, focus, organization, risk taking and learning. Focusing on these areas achieves the results one is most passionate about. Personal passion is one of the most powerful forces in an organization. When it is encouraged, an organization can transform itself.

Systems Thinking - operating from the whole system, creating and causing long-term solutions. System thinking includes the application of non-linear thinking to improve an organizationšs understanding of current reality. This creates innovative strategic plans and sustainable systems.

Global Awareness - creating technologies and systems that revitalize and regenerate the earth to ensure the existence of our planet for generations to come. Working to ensure the welfare, equality and respect of all people.

System Dynamics - a model for self-organizing, adaptive, thriving systems operating from the principles of physics and biology. We work with inherent laws and patterns by which these organizational systems function. Each organization is a total system which is dynamic, constantly changing, and either growing or dying. Understanding these principles is critical to the viability of any organization. By working with this model, we develop the best organizational systems that generate maximum productivity.

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