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About Quantum Integrations

Quantum Integrations is a business consulting firm specializing in system dynamics, organizational development, and leadership training and facilitation.  Our work integrates and aligns quantum principles with the day-to-day operations of your business. For more than 20 years, the founder of Quantum Integrations has worked with over 500 organizations and trained thousands of people...   
Building vision, alignment, and symmetry.
Expanding learning, creativity, and growth.
Facilitating action, implementation, and integration.
Creating collaborative, effective, and profitable business environments.

What We Provide:  
  • Organizational and leadership development
  • Leading-edge consulting, training and facilitation 
  • High-performance executive
  • coaching for CEO's, senior executives, and managers
  • Entrepreneurial coaching for individual business owners 
  • Personal development and relationship coaching
  • Powerful speaking presentations and keynotes for meetings, conferences, and conventions.
The Dynamic Structure of Successful Organizations:
We base our work on key principles that underlie cutting-edge theories in quantum physics and biology. All living systems including organizations operate consistently with the findings of these sciences.   Just like any living organism, every organization is a whole system that is constantly interacting and changing and either growing or dying. Understanding this dynamic nature of organizations is critical to the viability of any business.

Organizational Development

Quantum Integrations works
in the areas of:
Learning & Discovery
Collaborative Communication and Issue Resolution
Shared Vision and Values
Systems Thinking and Planning​​​​​​​
Leadership and Team Building
Executive Coaching: Focus, Direction, Time, Effectiveness
Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
Sustainable, Empowered Environments.

About Quantum Integrations and Stacey Hentschel

Coaching, Speaking and Consulting

Stacey J. Hentschel, the founder of Quantum Integrations, has consulted with individuals and organizations for over two decades, training and coaching thousands of people in organizational and personal development.  She provides Business Coaching, Consulting, Facilitation & Training. Quantum Integrations supports organizations operating as a unified, cohesive field where each person develops inner and outer awareness; as well as, effectiveness in creating greater joy, communication, direction, and productivity - for a more powerful, successful business. 

Ms. Hentschel merges the concept of quantum theories with business management, causing profound alterations in corporations and organizations. She empowers corporations to live and thrive from their vision in a manner that produces unprecedented results in the areas of innovation and productivity.
Working nationally with CEO's, business leaders, upper and middle management, she guides organizations to new levels of standards and principles. Ms. Hentschel has worked with over 400 businesses from start-ups to fortune 500 companies, including American Express, Remedy, Prudential, Allstate, Sun Microsystems, Inhale Therapeutic Systems and Lockheed. She has worked with businesses in the areas of finance, information systems & technology, multimedia, environment, health, fitness, entertainment, science, real estate, retail, law, politics, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, public relations, and marketing & advertising.
Regarded in her field as a visionary thinker, she integrates revolutionary aspects of science with business. Ms. Hentschel applies concepts of synergy, quantum theories and systems thinking in business. The distinctions and disciplines that arise out of these business concepts generate profound shifts in perception, thinking and results.
Ms. Hentschel engages and inspires her audience, speaking on a wide variety of topics, including: Innovative Thinking, Creativity, Unification-Based Management, Learning Organizations, Quantum and Systems Theory Applications for Business, Creating and Implementing a Powerful Vision For Your Business, Building Powerful Organization Tools and The Future of Business in the 21st Century.
As an executive, Ms. Hentschel has been acknowledged for outstanding results in the areas of sales, marketing, management and leadership. In addition to designing effective training programs, she has applied innovative thinking to the development of manuals, systems and procedures that have resulted in substantial increases in productivity and profitability for her clients.
Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing from California Polytechnic University, Ms. Hentschel was acknowledged as the top marketing student of the year and was the recipient of the Most Outstanding Woman in America Award.
Ms. Hentschel embraces the framework of organizational development disciplines first developed at MIT in 1991 that have become the foundation for Learning Organizations. These disciplines emphasize optimal team interaction, encouraging openness and truth, stimulating maximum enthusiasm, efficiency and creativity within a corporate culture. Examples of the diversity of companies that have experienced superb results include: Ford, Harley Davidson, Federal Express, British Petroleum, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Chrysler, General Electric, Shell Oil, the United States Army, Xerox and Toyota.
Ms. Hentschel is committed to the future of businesses economically, socially and environmentally. She is known as an inspirational and intentional leader, who is committed to businesses producing lasting results that positively impact our world.
Blending higher principles of awareness, she supports people and organizations to remembering that we are interconnected with everything and everyone, and all of our actions affect the great whole. She empowers them to live from their vision accessing their gifts, working with intuition, truth, and compassion.

What They Are Saying About Quantum Integrations

“Stacey has the ability to work powerfully with team dynamics and has applicable information to achieve immediate and strategic results. The results included closing a $1.8 million deal." Stacey Hentschel is a keenly focused, highly organized, personal and business coach.
Mitch R., National Software Sales Manager

“My work with Stacey created increases in income each month and countless breakthroughs.  Stacey is a remarkable, gifted woman whose incredible insights and sensitivities created magic in my life and of the people around me.  Her coaching and training will be with me for the rest of my life.”

John M., Leadership Consultant

“She has made an impact to literally thousands of people in their work...out of her training and development skills, people have excelled and the results they have produced are far beyond what they thought they could possibly do.  Through her coaching... I increased my department’s effectiveness and productivity by 75% in less than six months”.

Jeffrey G., Computer Corporation CEO

"Stacey is eloquent in front of groups of people and is able to motivate people to produce results both personally and
professionally. These results are beyond what people would predict."

Allan H, Banking Executive Vice President

What You'll Experience: 

Training and facilitation based on vision, principles, and best practices that build and sustain a successful business environment. Our clients gain an aptitude to communicate collaboratively and create high-performance teams.  They experience greater leadership skills, innate intelligence, and personal excellence in work and life. By understanding the whole system, they can co-create, plan, organize and an effective and productive work process.
  • Sales growth and profitability 
  • Stronger leadership and accountability
  • Aligned teambuilding and partnerships
  • Better utilization of time and organization
  • Increased knowledge and innovation 
  • Expanded employee participation, morale, and productivity
  • Enhanced fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Effective planning, action, and implementation
  • Resolution of complex issues

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Philosophy and Intent
The intent of Quantum Integrations is to operate from the principles and structures of science forming the blueprint for optimal results. Thus creating sustainable and synergistic business environments where all component parts are working together as one living system. Then a natural increase in corporation profitability will take place by fully implementing quantum principles, enhancing and developing the organizational and leadership skills of middle and upper management personnel, including majority stakeholders, thereby enriching corporate culture.
Our philosophy, teaching and leadership style is based on Quantum principles, cutting-edge, 21st Century business concepts and years of practical experience. It leads your key personnel to their highest capacity through an increased understanding of the power of vision and the development of superb communications skills.
It is indisputable that the environment surrounding the business community is rapidly changing and will likely continue to evolve at an accelerated pace. Business is increasingly competitive. The speed of communication and the ease of accessing information demand exceptional performance by those who make and implement decisions.
Quantum Integrations builds upon a foundation of acknowledging the current reality, utilizing techniques that are both disciplined and compassionate. We challenge corporate leaders to embrace team dynamics, focus on individual strengths and talents, and provide an environment to share perspectives, in order to sustain a seamless organization that accomplishes and exceeds corporate goals.
Increased growth and profit occur through the introduction of system dynamics and new perspectives that enhance cooperation, efficiency, and communication. Participation in the Quantum Integrations Consulting Program resolves short-term issues, strengthens current operations, targets present goals, and focuses on long-term planning to build your future, creating a sustainable and regenerative organization.
Vision Statement
Catalyzing a force in a business where wisdom and innovation increase, the work environment becomes an exciting place where people want to be their best and grow. Creating a shared vision of discovery and learning, which generates inventive ideas, products, and procedures that have previously been thought unthinkable. Generating a culture of awareness, collaboration, and sustainability that enhances economic, social and environmental viability and regeneration now and for future generations.
Guiding Principles
Collaborative Communication - Operating from a common vision, listening and expressing in a way that accesses our highest knowledge and innate intelligence.
Visioning - All people operating from a larger contribution and inspirational intent.
Team Building - Working synergistically with a shared vision and collaborative communication in a way that creates breakthroughs and innovative results.
Leadership - Leading from a vision and strategy, which serves the people, organization, environment and their community.
Learning and Discovery - Exploring and being open to diverse ideas and perspectives. The process of generating new possibilities, innovative ideas and creating solutions to complex issues.
Quantum Principles - Accessing the highest principles and key structures of science that form the blueprint for optimal results.
Self-Awareness and Being Centered - A state of internal strength and peace. A stabilizing centering force - A clarity of knowing ones inner self and their environment. Working from being present, innate intelligence and intuition. Operating in the Zone.
Generative Creativity - The ability to express and apply our best attributes and to discover and design advanced ideas, solutions and products.
Systems Thinking - Operating from the whole system, creating and causing long-term solutions.
Global Awareness - Creating technologies and systems that revitalize and regenerate the earth to ensure the existence of our planet for generations to come. Working to ensure the welfare, equality, and respect of all people.


Quantum Integrations
Stacey J. Hentschel

Quantum Integrations



Being Centered and Aware

Stacey works with individuals and couples in developing higher aspects of awareness, truth and connection.  Individuals' natural gifts arise – a deeper presence of stillness and inner knowing reveals itself, opening to expanded levels of strength, power and wisdom. 

Innovation and Productivity

Individuals and couples begin to see what they have not seen before, and awaken to a higher truth. Thus deeper levels of listening, understanding, compassion, generosity and love unveil themselves to be naturally expressed.

Reflective Relationships Resolve Blocks

You will find that inner strength, intuition, and personal excellence are key parts of your core strength and do much to resolve blocks to power and relationship with others.
Another key area is wellness and fitness so that we can increase our energy, calmness and centeredness.


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Conscious BusinessConsulting

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Awareness, Presence and Mindful Facilitation

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Personal Development and Life Coaching


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